Sunday, August 9, 2009

Public Day!

Public Day 2009 was a rousing success. We had a great turn out and many awesome finds. Here are just a sampling of pictures from the day:

Carin providing early morning instructions to the class before Public Day begins.

Scott and Emily, taking opening elevations for an excavation unit.

BRAVO's excellent exhibit, detailing an English Brown Bess Musket in it's complete and disassembled forms.

Meghan working the screen with on of today's volunteers.

Scott, Emily and Laura (L to R) making dirt for our volunteers to screen.

A member of BRAVO, trying to locate a metal detector hit.

A member of BRAVO with the big find of the day, an intact bayonet.

Two of our very helpful volunteers holding BRAVO's big find of the day.

Carin speaking with a group of visitors.

Another button found by BRAVO.

A concentration of artifacts BRAVO located (possibly a trash pit).

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