Sunday, August 9, 2009

Week Five - Nikki Bond

During the first week of field school we learned about camp kitchens, and this week we actually got the chance to see a camp kitchen. Its really interesting because if you don’t know about the construction of the kitchens you could walk right pass one. This particular kitchen has never been disturbed, so when we did the excavations it was amazing to know that we were the first people to see its artifacts and features in the last 230 years.

Scott made some interesting noises that could be heard a mile away. At first we thought something was dieing and felt really bad for the thing, but as he got closer to the site we realized it was him. That’s how he passes the time during break.

The Megan’s entertained us with their constant sarcastic remarks towards one another and to the rest of us, their great.

Paul is perfect.

Laura was trawling a trash pit and hit a nest of worms. She freaked out started and screaming and running around in circles. When she started to turn purple and began to heave I felt it was my duty to step in and save her.

Marie was so quiet I forgot she was there.

Tara is a secretly a seventeen year old cheating the system. She looks like a baby, but she probably knows more than any student in the class.

The Emily’s have halos over there head with a red pointed tail coming out of there back side.

All in all every one has their own distinctive personality and we all mesh well. Field school would not be the same without any of you.

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