Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Week Six - Tara Schwartz

Saturday was our public archaeology day, when I woke up that morning I felt like I was going to die. I am not a good public speaker and having to gives tours the whole day made me very nervous .On the car ride there I kept going over in my head what I should say to the people about each site. I was the first person to give a tour that day; they were a lovely couple, who seemed very interested in archaeology. After my tour it didn’t seem so bad and I actually wanted to give tours the whole day. Most people that came to the site were the students’ families. I thought there would have been a lot more people there. I think Carin’s favorite part of the day was when BRAVO found the bayonet. That Saturday was a good day to have Public Archeology day.

That last week of file school had to be the most interesting. We drew a profile of the camp kitchen. I am glad I did not have to draw a unit; it looked like it took a lot of concentration and too I have no artistic abilities. We also drew a picture of the rock scatter, but we only drew the units that we opened up on Saturday which contained lots of post holes. The post holes give an indication of something that was there during the revolutionary time. There are many interpretations of the rock scatter, the main one is that it was a work place for the soldiers, it’s kind of difficult to say what they were making there though.

Wednesday we got to excavate the feature that was in the camp kitchen. I think we found more artifacts that day then any other day of field school. Paul and Nikkie were the lucky ones because they found a sword blade and a saucer in their unit which indicates that officers were using the kitchen. There were other artifacts found there like a button, a metal piece that could have been to a frying pan or a cauldron.

My favorite part of field school was when we got the awards, my awarded was the “I suck at this / most improved award”. It was a cute little idea to gives us these awards; they really described us well. I am definitely going to miss field school. I love the people that I worked with I could ask for better friends.

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